One of the trademark strategies at USHEALTH Group that has seen it win several industry awards is innovative niche market.

Through innovative strategies, the health and life insurance provider has developed insurance plans that are tailor-made to suit its vast client base. These plans are developed with the knowledge that each client needs an insurance plan that specifically meets their needs.

This has allowed the company to tap into niche markets that are usually given a wide berth by many mainstream insurance service providers. One such niche market is the small-business owners and self-employed individuals.

To tap into this market, USHEALTH Group has developed unique and comprehensive insurance plan that ensures these individuals, their families and businesses are covered.

Decades of Dedication to Affordable and Accessible Insurance Services

The multiple industry awards won by USHEALTH Group and its senior management and the excellent Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating are testimonies of the company’s dedication to excellent service delivery.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group has been bestowed with multiple Stevie Awards in recognition of its innovative and excellent service delivery strategies. Moreover, the company’s chief executive officer and president Troy A.

McQuagge has won several Stevie Awards and CEO of the Year awards in recognition of his excellent leadership. Its A + BBB rating is an indication of excellent customer relation practices founded on its customer-centric management strategy. This strategy has played a crucial role in the company’s ability to deliver comprehensive yet affordable and accessible life and health insurance plans for its esteemed clients.

USHEALTH Group’s dedication to accessibility to health and life insurance services has seen it appoint several highly qualified health insurance agents across the country.

Together with the numerous subsidiaries it has founded, these agents play a crucial in ensuring that the company’s health insurance, dental insurance, critical illness coverage and life insurance services reach as many people as possible across the country. Read more: US Health Group Careers and Employment

The company also specializes in guarantee issue plans and recruitment of health insurance agents. Their clients also enjoy accident coverage and fixed indemnity health that have been innovatively customized to meet the needs of the individual clients. As a full-portfolio insurance services provider, USHEALTH Group also covers the families of their clients.