Economic success of an individual or country is greatly enhanced by the peace situations between the individual and their neighbors as well as a country and her neighbors. Peace ensures that business activities are conducted with obedience to the terms agreed upon. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Hostile international relations has greatly affected the entrepreneurial associations between many countries of the world, most outstanding being Israel and Palestine involved in disagreement. Promising peace between Israel and her neighbors has been achieved by involving mediators, among the most known being Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub enabled Israel achieve strong peace relations between many countries of the world including united kingdom, Switzerland as well as the united states of America. His massive contributions were shown from 2011 to 2013 when trade between United Kingdom and Israel improved to reach an amazing value of 8 billion dollars.

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom where he later applied and acquired Israeli citizenship. Other than mediator, he worked in many other positions among them being the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, Israeli legal advisor in peace missions as well as serving in the Israeli defense force as a medic.

Israel as a nation praised Daniel Taub for guiding talks that allowed Israel get involved in Red Cross Society’s peace missions having been disregarded for nearly 70 years. While representing Israel as the ambassador, Daniel Taub ploughed efforts in ensuring solid trade links were created. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He helped and supported technological advancements while as well playing a vital role in reducing inter-denominational differences through educating youths concerning the bible and Hebrew at the Church of England Synod and many other places.

Daniel Taub’s educational specialization has always been the driving force behind his great excellence. He got his higher level education at oxford university college as well as the school of law at Harvard university branch at the Kennedy government school. After his education in 1989, he moved to Israel where he served in the Israeli defense force.

Two years later, he was transferred to the ministry of foreign affairs where he served as the legal advisory to the ministry. He was appointed in 2011 to serve as Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, where his term ended in 2015.

Daniel Taub was rewarded in 2013 with a diplomat honor for his immense efforts of motivating youths establish investment firms. His peace-loving personality has further gained grounds due to his establishment of a foundation called Yad Hanadiv which is part of the great Rothschild foundation. He serves as the foundation’s director dealing with strategy and planning.