Securus Technologies is a security company that uses technology to solve crimes, monitor justice systems, and provide safety measures in incarceration facilities. Securus Technologies serves various American jails, public safety areas, incarceration areas and law enforcement facilities with justice technology measures.


These services ensure that the American criminal and civil system works efficiently. Most of them are indebted to the security company, and they have glowing reports from them. Securus Technologies’ CEO and chairman Richard A. Smith, confessed that they always have the best interest of their clients at heart when they are developing something new. The security company develops a fresh product or services every week, to help the U.S corrections and law enforcement departments to beat the ever changing crime system.


The use of Securus Technologies enables a prison facility to monitor calls that contained information about an inmate who is selling drugs, abusing alcohol and drugs within the facility. Suspicious money transfers can also be monitored as well as accessing a cellular device, shooting incidences, threats and even a person outside the confines of the prison who was selling discounted prescription drugs.


Securus Technology has also assisted the prison system staff in investigating misconduct by their employees or even insecurity within their facilities. The technology company even used their technology to monitor phone calls communication from a corrupt employee. The information assisted the system in getting a search warrant for the offensive staff. This eventually led to the person’s arrest with contraband.


The advanced technology system has also assisted various justice and incarceration systems to curb illegal incidences such as the exchange of contraband within the prison system. The cutting edge security system provided by Securus Technologies has assisted various prison staff to investigate and solve various crimes committed by inmates and their counterparts who are in the free world.


Through Securus Technology’s LBS software, valuable illegal assets, cash, and drugs have been recovered. The software is used together with other facilities which enforce the law. The Investigator Pro is another Securus technology that has continually encouraged prison staff to continue using the services of the company.



  1. Anahi Alexis says:

    Securus Technologies has in all their years dedicated to improving the quality of the society trying to make it a safe place. They have used their technology to reduce crimes. As can handle all your job giving you 100% satisfaction. Through Securus Technologies, criminals has been caught by monitoring phone calls. They use their gadgets in the correctional facilities to get such results.

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