Today, there are hundreds of event planners in NYC who can help you throw a successful and unforgettable party. But, before you start researching all of the party and corporate event planners NYC has to offer, consider these party-planning tips from professional party planners. By following these tips, you can save yourself money, time and lots of stress.



  1. Use Spreadsheets


Even if you’re hosting a small dinner party for 12 guests, using spreadsheets will save you lots of precious time. From shopping lists to to-do lists, spreadsheets will keep you organized so that you don’t forget a single thing.



  1. Send Out Invitations


With so many people using email to notify friends and family of an upcoming party, receiving a physical invitation in the mail feels extra special. By sending out real invitations, you can experiment with clever and beautiful stationary and really set the tone of your upcoming party.



  1. Let Guests Serve Their Own Drinks


There’s no need to run around filling everyone’s glasses while you play host. Instead, set up a bar area so that guests can handle their own drinks. Make sure to stock the area with popular mixers like cranberry juice and tonic water. Don’t forget garnishes like olives, cherries and lime wedges.



  1. Set Up An Area Just For Kids


If your guests are bringing kids, make sure that you have an area just for children. Your friends with kids will love the fact that they can unwind without worrying about their kids being entertained.


Fill a table with kid-safe cups and plates as well as lots of activities like games, toys and coloring books.



  1. Give Out Useful Favors


If you’re going to send guests home with party favors, make sure that they are actually useful. Homemade cookies or seasoning blends are excellent and thoughtful party favors that guests will actually use.





These tips will ensure that your guests remember your party for years to come. If you still need help, consider hiring a professional. One of the most popular event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. This company offers every service from food to decor. Plus, they can handle parties of any size from 10 guests to 500.

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