Omar Boraie is one of the few investors who are not afraid to take ridiculous risks. It is a common thing for people in businesses to take risks but the kind that Omar took was on a different level. New Brunswick was one of the towns that people did not consider as useful. The construction styles and the people who lived there were almost considered as living outside the state. Omar Boraie saw an opportunity in the town and vowed to make billions out of it. According to NY Times, after sharing his idea with a few people, they discouraged him because the idea sounded to be a crazy one. There were very slim chances that the town could be redeemed, but Boraie went on with his plans.

The creation of the Boraie Development

In the early 1970s, Omar Boraie set to start the development of New Brunswick. Amid discouragements, Omar set to carry on with his idea regardless of the fear of failure. His first business was to purchase the houses and buildings that were old. Omar thought to develop the existing houses. As investors were considering the present times for business, Boraie looked ahead of them. He planned for decades to come. He thought to establish a business that would be hard to compete. Since New Brunswick was not lived by many people, there was very little competition existing at the time.

Creating a unique brand

For Omar Boraie, having the Boraie Development Company was not all that he desired. He wanted to make New Brunswick one of the best towns to live. He knew he could make it attractive again and people would find joy in living there. Currently, about 4o years since Omar bought his first building, New Brunswick is one of the most desired towns in New Jersey. Thousands of people have moved to their new town since it is appropriate for both business and residence.

Sponsoring the 2016 summer holidays

Boraie Development played a major role in making the summer holidays a success. Thousands of people have always wished to set their feet on the State Theatre of New Jersey and watch their favorite movies on the 46-inch screens. The movies tend to be very expensive usually and for this reason, Boraie Development decided to offer families an opportunity to enjoy their summer without minding the costs. The company secured the theatre that can hold up to 7500 in a single sitting where the people on vacation could watch their movies as they enjoyed the summer. Read more on