Evolution of Smooth (EOS) was a startup company that wasn’t well-known. After the founders of EOS had their products featured at a Walgreen’s drug store, the brand became much more popular. Several Walmart and Target locations now feature EOS lip balms, and a number of celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have been seen using EOS, see douglas.de for more. A number of beauty magazines, such a Allure and Cosmo, have also featured EOS, and the products are often editor’s picks in these publications.   EOS is known for its natural ingredients, including antioxidants like vitamin E, which keeps the lips youthful. Many of the lip balms also contain shea butter, which protects the lips from sun damage, cracking[…]

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, Evolution Of Smooth, better known by their acronym, EOS, explained their success in the lip care industry. At the beginning of their venture, they were the little David facing the giant Goliath of other, more popular, lip care brands. In the 7 years since they began their brand, EOS is ranked in at NO.2 among its competitors. So, what is their secret and how have they become so successful? Two main elements of the success of EOS lip balm begins with Sanjiv Mehra, the cofounder and managing partner of EOS and Jonathan Teller, expert in entrepreneurship. The expertise of both Mehra and Teller, gave them the useful skills and abilities to be able[…]