Economic success of an individual or country is greatly enhanced by the peace situations between the individual and their neighbors as well as a country and her neighbors. Peace ensures that business activities are conducted with obedience to the terms agreed upon. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn Hostile international relations has greatly affected the entrepreneurial associations between many countries of the world, most outstanding being Israel and Palestine involved in disagreement. Promising peace between Israel and her neighbors has been achieved by involving mediators, among the most known being Daniel Taub. Daniel Taub enabled Israel achieve strong peace relations between many countries of the world including united kingdom, Switzerland as well as the united states of America. His massive[…]

Lacey and Larkin have always been dedicated to the things that they do with other people. They know a lot of different things about the way that they can do more and they also know a lot about how minorities are suffering in the situations that they are a part of. All of this is something that has made life harder on people and it is also something that has made it easier for people to try different things no matter what they are doing or where they are going to help people out with the issues that they are suffering through. For Lacey and Larkin, it is important to know that everyone has the human rights that they deserve.[…]

These days, it is important for companies to optimize their content so that it can work with mobile phones. For one thing, it is very common for people of all walks of life to have some kind of mobile access. After all, the majority of phones that are available are smartphones or phones with internet access. Therefore, it is important for advertisement to be able to fit into the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal focuses on the mobile network as well as social media. Lori consults her clients to let them know what they can do about the mobile networks. Among the things that Lori Senecal suggests to her[…]

Arthur Becker is a man of many talents. During the 66 years old’s lifetime, he has worked as a stockbroker, a real estate investor and developer, and the founder and CEO of technology companies. He even finds time to create sculptures, paintings and other forms of art that he frequently sells to people he calls “Wall Streeters.” Real estate news website The Real Deal recently visited with Arthur to look over his office, which is just as varied and eccentric as the man himself. See, He started his career working for Bear Stearns in 1988, in their private client services as a stockbroker. From there, he went on to work with numerous technology companies such as Bnox, which he[…]

In the world of investing, the objective remains to achieve a high return on their investment. Moreover, investing does not require an educational degree. Therefore, its appeal remains universal. With that being said, George Soros remains an investment guru. For those unaware, George Soros remains one of the world’s most successful investors. Throughout his youth, George Soros worked tirelessly to become someone. Moreover, his hard work and dedication paid off. As a person of Jewish ancestry, George Soros had to face several challenges. In particular, George Soros grew up in a time when Nazi Germany took over all of Eastern Europe. As a native of Budapest, Hungary, George Soros and his native land did not remain an exception. Therefore, millions[…]

Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines, is the daughter of Barbara Banke and the Late Jess Jackson, a wine icon. She grew up on many of the family’s vineyards, mostly in California, working in every step of making wine- from harvest to aging, and has always had a passion for the art of winemaking. She attended Scripps College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art; and taught 6th grade French while completing her degree. She then joined the family business, working in sales as a Brand Ambassador. One of the many brands that Julia serves as a Brand Ambassador for, Arcanum, a Cabernet Franc blend, has been in her family since 1994. Family friend Pierre Seillan, with more[…]

The Rio de Janeiro residents and the Brazilians, in general, are ready to receive the new face of Copa Star Hospital. Hospital Copa Star has been under renovation for three years, and it was inaugurated on October 2016 in a beautiful event. The hospital is located in Southern Rio, Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana. The hospital did not only reconstruct their buildings, but the new hospital comes with new technology qualified staff, coziness and luxury. The new structure of the health facility was executed by Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, and they designed it like a five-star hotel. Hospital Copa Star is a precise definition of the technological invention as well as modification. The medical institution is built on a 21[…]

The real estate crisis hit hard in the Baltimore area, but thankfully signs have recently been pointing to a comeback. Foreclosures have dropped by 7% and home have been selling for more than their estimated worth. After this crisis hit, the state of Maryland decided to change many of their regulations. The modifications that were made were great for consumers, making it more consumer friendly. This is why foreclosures dropped and started occurring at a much slower rate than previously seen. This was also great for sellers. During the distress of the real estate market in Maryland, the average home price rose by 6%, making the average home sale the highest it has been since back in 2008. Back in[…]

Born on the first of October 1949, Bruce Levenson is an American has previously co-owned a basket team known as Atlanta Hawks LLC and he is also a philanthropist. Apart from that, he is a lawyer who graduated from the school of law at America University. His career In 1977, Levenson co-founded a newsletter company that mostly focused on the oils’ industry development. The company was known as United Communications Group (UCG) and his partner was known as Ed Peskowitz. Now, the company deals in providing data news, healthcare analysis, technology and also mortgage banking. However, what made him more famous is when he partnered again with Ed Peskowitz to own the Atlanta Spirit LLC in 2004. The basketball, later[…]