Omar Yunes emerged as the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW), 2015. This was largely due to his immense contributions to Sushi Itto. He was announced as the winner during an event that occurred on December 5, 2015 at Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes started his franchise with Sushi Itto when he was 21 years old and has managed to add that number to 13 by 2015. His 13 franchise units are located in Puebla, Mexico City as well as Veracruz. His units make up 10% of the total owned by the brand. Rejoinder Yunes expressed his pride after being named as the best franchisee in the world. He dedicated the award to all his 400 staffs located[…]

There is a great concern, confusion, and fear amongst immigrant communities, especially after the recent United States election. The fear of deportation, losing what one has built over the years, and probably becoming a refugee once again is evident amongst immigrants and minority groups in the United States. Many groups and institutions have come forward to express their disapproval on the U.S. President’s stand on the issue of the immigrants. Most of this human, civil and immigrant reform groups consider the move inhumane and total disregard for the rights, and freedom of movement of the people. Hence, they have come forward to offer their support and solidarity to the affected individuals. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund The Larkin &[…]

Tammy Mazzocco, Ohio’s expert in real estate, sits down to talk about her journey and experience of being a successful real estate agent. Unlike many other people, Tammy Mazzocco didn’t set out looking for her career. It pretty much landed on her lap. Real estate was unexpected to her but she eventually developed a passion for it. She started out as a secretary and then became a property manager for Scotland Yard Condominiums. She was outstanding at her job as a property manager. She attracted the attention of the General Manager, Ken Cook. He influenced her to join the real estate industry. The rest is history! Tammy Mazzocco is an Ohio real estate agent. She never pursued a career in[…]

According to Zoominfo, Bernardo Chua has risen to become one of the most accomplished multi-level marketing experts alive. His illustrious career started in his native country, the Philippines. Mr. Chua first exposure to the dynamics of this lucrative industry came when he worked the MLM firm called Gano Excel. This company mainly specialized in the retail of instant coffee but they also sold other unrelated food commodities. Thanks to the skills and the intuition of Mr. Chua, Gano soon spread its wings and soon it had set up offices in Canada, the U.S and in Asian nations like Hong Kong. Learn more about Bernado Chua: Later on, Bernard Chua would opt to venture into the trade solo. In 2008,[…]

Jason Hope is perhaps best known as a internet entrepreneur from Arizona who started premium mobile content provider Jawa. With a lengthy career of highly successful startups spanning decades, Hope has recently taken to the internet to blog about the vast possibilities that will ensue from the coming technologies broadly termed the Internet of Things. One of the areas in which Hope sees radical transformation coming to pass is in the logistics industry. Hope believes that, currently, there are massive inefficiencies that persist in the fields of warehousing, delivery and transport of manufactured goods. Hope believes that the trucking industry will largely become automated within the next decade. This will lead to dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity and is[…]

It may not have been the World Economic Forum in Davos, but US Money Reserve’s feature event the “2016 Gold Summit” covered important topics in the gold and silver investment industry. Three experts affiliated with US Money Reserve, including Chairman and President Philip N. Diehl all came to the summit to answer moderatore Larry King’s questions and statements. Also appearing at this summit was Michael Reagan, the son of former US President Ronald Reagan, and Michael delivered remarks about owning gold and what his father had said about it. The series was launched as part of Direct Response Television and was shown on various cable networks. US Money Reserve is a privately owned company that sells bullion of all makings[…]

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, Evolution Of Smooth, better known by their acronym, EOS, explained their success in the lip care industry. At the beginning of their venture, they were the little David facing the giant Goliath of other, more popular, lip care brands. In the 7 years since they began their brand, EOS is ranked in at NO.2 among its competitors. So, what is their secret and how have they become so successful? Two main elements of the success of EOS lip balm begins with Sanjiv Mehra, the cofounder and managing partner of EOS and Jonathan Teller, expert in entrepreneurship. The expertise of both Mehra and Teller, gave them the useful skills and abilities to be able[…]