When looking for the perfect electric razor to acquire that distinguished look with your facial or body hair, look no further than the Groom Stik Pro by Donald Scott NYC. A sleek design and narrow head allow for precision work when tending to the finer details no matter the look you are striving for, the Groom Stik Pro by Donald Scott NYC is the perfect tool.   The small size of the Groom Stik Pro by Donald Scott NYC not only allows for fine detail work but also makes it absolutely ideal for travel, whether its simply to the gym or for a longer trip. Alongside of its portability is an amazingly efficient use of only two AAA batteries. Additionally[…]

I work in law enforcement and have been called in many times when local authorities have trouble catching a fugitive. This year was no different, except the fugitive in question took it personally and would go on the offensive to bait me into meeting him one on one. There was no chance of me giving him the satisfaction, but he was the most challenging of criminals I ever had to confront.   Even when we would have a lead on his location, he would be close to the woods and simply disappear into the night. Even with dogs and helicopters, we were unable to locate him and bring him to justice. As the months passed, my frustration grew and so[…]

The Rio de Janeiro residents and the Brazilians, in general, are ready to receive the new face of Copa Star Hospital. Hospital Copa Star has been under renovation for three years, and it was inaugurated on October 2016 in a beautiful event. The hospital is located in Southern Rio, Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana. The hospital did not only reconstruct their buildings, but the new hospital comes with new technology qualified staff, coziness and luxury. The new structure of the health facility was executed by Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, and they designed it like a five-star hotel. Hospital Copa Star is a precise definition of the technological invention as well as modification. The medical institution is built on a 21[…]